How NoScent Works

        Selected strains of non-pathogenic, "good bacteria: are blended together. Our proprietary formulations contain millions of good bacteria. Once pet odor is introduced, NoScent spores immediately open to excrete hungry enzymes. The hungry enzymes compete with the "bad bacteria" by eating their existing food source. When there is no food left, the bad bacteria die, and the odor is eliminated within seconds. The remaining good bacteria revert back to spore state, waiting to encounter and destroy the next odor filled bacteria. We stand apart from our competetion because of our high bacilil count and our bacteria is resiliant to high temperatures

-Specifically formulated to pH of species.
-Removes organic stench from Cats, Dogs, Small Pets, Reptiles & Birds.
-Use Encapsulating Solution directly on animal
    -Pet Fur
    -Anal Gland/Skunk
-Use Bacteria base products for use in environment
    -Cat Litter
    -Bird Cage
    -Small Animal
    -Carpet & Upholstery

-All products effective for use on Surfaces, Fabrics, Floors & wherever odors arise.
-We use NO HARSH CHEMICALS and all products are safe for animals, people & environment.

Disease Management Properties

Respiratory: Bordatella, Pasteurella, E. coli, Pneumonia

Digestive: Campylobacter, E. coli, Salmonella

Dermatological: Staph, E. coli, Ulcerative Dermatitis

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